we don't sell you just the clothes, we sell the clothes with its story and style...

You'll never find your style until you discover who you really are. We are living our unique story where simple things make us feel and understand that everything matters. I'm preserving the story of style, the story of aesthetics, the elegance of various eras from different corners of the world. 

I'm preserving the stories of women. Vintage stories.


Having been a 'vintage style' lover for a long time, I put my soul in this store. I personally select and verify the quality of every item offered to you. These vintage treasures come from the 60s-90s, absolutely lovely periods of time.

Check out the garments and the stories they got to tell, stories of amazing women who once owned them.


To be a part of our community means to be confident in yourself,  to be elegant but edgy, romantic but cocky, loving and risky, adventurous, inexhaustible... to be unique.


Style begins where the limits of its understanding end.



           Are you one of us ? 


Anastasia Ferreira

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