I used, when I was little, to hear talk once in a while of some very wonderful person whom men called a "genius," and of what it was to be a genius. The word puzzled me a good deal, because I could not understand what was meant when it was explained to me. I used to ponder over it, and hope that some day I might see one, which would be quite as wonderful, I had no doubt, as seeing the man out of the moon. Then, when El Mahdi came into his horse estate and our lives began to run together, I would lie awake at night trying to study out what sort of horse it was that deliberately walked off the high banks along the road, or pitched me out into the deep blue-grass, or over into the sedge bushes, when it occurred to him that life was monotonous, tumbling me upside down like a girl, although I could stick in my brother's big saddle when the Black Abbot was having a bad day,--and everybody knew the Black Abbot was the worst horse in the Hills. That was my memories. 

Original leather Waistcoat - Western

SKU: TH00006
Colour: Cognac
  • Original western waistcoat in perfect condition. Colour: cognac.


    No brand label. Best fit is for S/M or 36/38.

    Composition : genuine suede leather

    Style : 70's 

    bust : 90' cm

    width : 90' cm

    body length : 55 cm


    Model's size is 36/38 EU, 175'cm.

  • Europe - 4-5 days.

    All the world - up to 12 days.


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