Not worried why she was doing so – and not really interested in finding out - perhaps driven by a mixture of alcohol and the persistent allure of certain phantoms and fascinations, Conda hailed a taxi going in the opposite direction to her house and asked the driver to take her to the corner of Twenty-Third and L, or any other street corner that might encompass the same evocative ciphers. She was pleased to see that even at that late, late, hour of the night, the fast-beating heart of the city was still packed with spaced-out youths and adults trawling for illicit offerings … Gays of every tendency and category, rockers with no stage or music, savage hunters and huntresses of foreigners and dollars, bored birds of the night with one, two and even three hidden agendas seemed anchored to that spot, not fearing the imminent dawn, as if hoping something out of the blue might drag them down the street, perhaps out to sea, or maybe up into the sky.

Oversized Blazer xl - Havana

SKU: TH00013
  • Amazing oversized DESCH retro blazer with real pockets. The blazer is in perfect condition.


    Brand on the label DESCH, woven in Italy.

    Best fit is for L/XL or 48 EU.

    Composition : 100% pure new wool

    Style : 90's

    sleeve length : 61 cm

    width : 110' cm

    body length : 81 cm


    Model's size is 36/38 EU, 175'cm.

  • Europe - 4-5 days.

    All the world - up to 12 days.


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