Tommy. My name is such an unusual unwelcomed first name because it was name of my mother's favourite brother that died in the war. I was growing up I was teased for having it because it was a "boy's" name. When I was younger I hated it and wanted to be named something plain and common like Emmy or Claire. I also carry her surname because my father wasn't stated in my birth certificate until I was sixteen. After that I could easily change my last name to his but I didn't care either, when I gave it a thought I found out that I'd like to distance from them both. Now I use my middle name in everyday use as my name, and I left my mother's surname because I have some accomplishments recorded under it. 

Short sleeves shirt - Tommy

SKU: TH00014
  • Oversized checked american short sleeves shirt on buttons. Perfect condition. 


    Brand on the label - Sears, Perma Prest. Best fit is for XL or 44.

    Composition : 100% cotton

    Style : 70's

    sleeve length : 28 cm

    bust : 110' cm

    width : 110' cm

    body length : 68 cm


    Model's size is 36/38 EU, 175'cm.

  • Europe - 4-5 days.

    All the world - up to 12 days.


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