Back to 80's

The fashion trends are back to 80th and 90th. Personally I'm really glad about it, and there are some reasons: first of all - the most wonderful items are already created; the second - there are so many strong items what were forgotten the last 10 years (like high waist jeans, culottes shorts), the third, for me is really important - the clothes were very comfortable to wear.

So, let's remember the most bright moments of fashion world that time.


Before Jordache came along, the only jeansmakers were brands like Levi's, Wrangler, and Lee. Jordache paved the way for later designer jeans brands like Calvin Klein, and pioneered racy ads to differentiate its products from its workwear-themed competitors. The resulting demand successfully made Jordache jeans a covetable fashion item. Another thing that made Jordache great? Designers like Tommy Hilfiger cut their teeth working for the brand.


Door-knockers were everywhere in the '80s, from pop stars like Debbie Gibson and Madonna, to the girl next door. It was the ideal earring for the time of excess, it was loud, clunky, and screamed at everyone within a two feet radius to look at your ears.


80s silhouettes were all about power. To evoke that, you needed to look menacing, with broad shoulders and a severe drop down to your waist. Shoulder pads achieved that effect perfectly. While mostly women adopted the trend, some rockers like Prince weren't afraid to make it their own.


Name an animal, and chances are its hide has been converted into an article of clothing in the '80s. Snakeskin, zebra print, and leopard were notorious for appearing on pants, jackets, and everything in between.


All-lace everything was pretty normal. Lace gloves, lace headbands, and yes, lace details on dresses.


Come on, act like you didn't see this coming. Every other thing that was cool in the '80s was even more awesome because you could see it from a mile away. Even when '80s retro became cool, it was because fluorescent day-glo colors were involved. There was hardly anything in the '80s that wasn't reinterpreted into a color just a hair lighter than toxic waste, and we loved it.


Shortly after the miniskirt came into fashion prominence, dads everywhere began collectively asking their daughters incredulously: "YOU'RE GOING OUT LIKE THAT?!"


No one really knew what kind of club the Members Only jacket represented, we just knew that they were awesome. Whether you had the nylon khaki version like grandpa, or a hardy leather jacket for badass street cred, everyone remembers what they looked like. A cross between a British Harrington jacket and a café racer motorcycle jacket, vintage versions can now be found being rocked by every other fan of indie rock music.


Ray-Ban Wayfarers were the de facto sunglasses of choice for anyone and everyone who was cool in the '80s. It is a scientific fact.

Ray-Ban sunglasses have always been popular, and perhaps part of the reason for this is the technology behind the brand. Ray-Ban was developed back in 1937, because the US Army Air Corps wanted sunglasses to protect aviators from glare. They also had to look good because military pilots cared about those things, and the Air Corps wanted to use pictures of pilots in sunglasses as recruiting tools. The pilots loved the Ray-Ban design when they first saw it, as it used anti-glare lens which protect the eyes from UV rays while also using lightweight gold-plated metal for the frame. They simply looked cool as well. These were the famed “Aviator” sunglasses, and you’ll see a lot of military pictures with people wearing them. Among the most iconic pics are those of General MacArthur, especially the one he wore when he landed on a beach in the Philippines in order to fulfill his promise to return. Ray-ban also launched the Wayfarer, which became popular too especially when Audrey Hepburn never seemed to take it off in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But there is “popular”, and then there’s 1980s popular. There’s a difference, and Tom Cruise was that difference. Of all the celebrities who have worn the iconic brand, it was Tom Cruise who made Ray-Ban a mega-success to this day. Ray-Ban was worn by countless celebs, and has been shown on numerous product placements in TV shows and movies. But Tom Cruise made the Wayfarer and the Aviators uber cool.

Hope that this article was interesting and useful for you. And remember, everything that seems to be an innovation is already created.

Your Anastasia.


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