Trends of autumn - my selection

The autumn is already here, so it's about a time to change your summer wardrobe and to review the items for new season. Most of the time, unfortunately, the autumn doesn't make us pleased with perfect weather, the days could be cloudy and rainy, but it does not mean that our appearance should correspond to the atmosphere of a wether, not, absolutely opposite. The black and dark colors are good, but how to mix your outfit with them avoiding to be grey, unpretentious or boring. There are bellow some trend and ideas for current autumn's looks what I especially highlighted.

[10] Velvet

Dresses, pumps, skirts, pants ... 70-80's trend is back, what is new ? Material manufacture. Items in velvet always attract the attention, cause they are ready for seductive look, and you? Do you dare?

My ideas for mix: velvet oversize pants X classic shirt, heeled shoes/ankle boots X baby doll dress, velvet midi dress X oversize coat, velvet bags X [everything].

[9] Mustard and Red colors

These 2 colors are definitely the main helpers for any autumn wardrobe, they will make you outfit play and will bring the light. It means that you can boldly mix the items of these colors with almost any dark items. Isn't it perfect idea?

My ideas for mix: mustard oversize pull X black leather skirt, red knitted pull X chelsea pants.

[8] Oversize coat

They were high popular the previous season and still rest. We love them. So pleasant and comfortable to wear, easy to mix, chic and class, what could be better?

My ideas for mix: classic plaid pants X grey oversize coat, plisse skirt X oversize coat, high waist jeans X oversize coat.

[7] Laces

Laced jeans, laced pulls, laced blouses, laced underwear... on adore. And it's evidently. The lace details gives sensuality to outfits.

My ideas for mix: laced pull X jeans, laced jeans X oversize pull, laced bra X decollete sweet/pull, laced top X bermuda shorts.

[6] Retro/english blazer

Those wonderful old english oversize blazers... so exited to got them back. That exactly that kind of finishing touch which makes your outfit style. It means that an outfit could be and very simple if you want, and you can make you look outstanding by a nice blazer and the accessories.

My ideas for mix: oversize plaid blazer X jeans mom fit, long english blazer X skirt/knee boots, classic costume, blazer X shorts-bermuda.

[5] Leather

Honestly, from previous autumn became to one of my favorite material. Pleasant to wear if it's good quality, pleasant to look at. The items in leather always bring to you outfit side of rock and chic style. The musthave items: perfecto/moto style jacket and leather pants.

My ideas for mix: perfecto jacket X jeans&boots, leather black pants X laced pull, leather shorts X blouse.

[4] Polka-dot clothes

No, no. Polka-dot clothes are not old-fashioned anymore. They are back, but in more modern prints. There is a lot of variations to compose your look, but the only one thing - not overdo. The rule is not more than one polka-dot item in on your look.

My ideas for mix: polka-dot dress X perfecto black jacket, polka-dot blouse X hight waist medium/long skirt, transparent top polka-dot dress X stud boots.

[3] Leopard print

Yes, exactly. It's finally back and we can enjoy by it. Furthermore, it's really beautiful if you compose a look correctly, according to you shape and by choosing the items which look not vulgarly.

My ideas for mix: leopard print X black, leopard print X black leather, leopard printed long dress X cowboy boots/hat, grey printed leopard shirts and skirts.

[2] Boots

The huge trend of this autumn is boots, ankle boots. That is especially wonderful, because the choose of them is huge as never: cowboy styled boots, cut boots, belted boots, gladiators, zipped and stud buckes, and right now we can wear them almost with everything.

My ideas for mix: ankle stud buckes boots X high waist jeans/ ripped jeans / mom fit jeans, cowboy stud boots X medium long/ long floral dress, heels ankle boots X ripped bottom jeans, gladiator boots X leather pants.

[1] Cowboy style

And finally, the most trendy idea to variate your looks - play it cowboy. And it does not mean that you have to rush sorting out your grandma's wardrobes or shop the items on "american country" sites. The cowboy styled accessories are enough available right now everywhere. There is the rest to put on one or two more items the same style and mix all well.

My ideas for mix: fringe jacket X jeans skirt, camel pull X duble buckle belt around the waist, cowboy high boots X plaid red or dark green dress-shirt, velvet waistcoat X oversize pants, high waist long skirt X cowboy hat.

That's all about my favorite trends, but not all about all of them. Hope that article was useful for you and it brings some inspirations and ideas.

Stay touched.

Your @tendancehunter


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