Big Western's WAVES

Hello everyone. I have to confess, the american western movies and the cowboy's historical period of time made me dream many times. Let's even remember the "Ones Upon a time in the West" movie. And I'm not probably the only one who feel the same. Who has never dressed up as a cowboy for the holidays or any other event? Of course, special event... Hard to imagine wearing cowboy's outfit daily or at work. Or it was hard.

Currently we can find many interesting wardrobe items for that kind of look inspiration: double buckle belts, hats, cowboy styled boots, different prints and the accessories and clothes with fringes. Actually it's really easy to mix, you just have to pick up 2-3 inspired items.

So for my look I chose the fringed suede shirt from Zara, what I honestly find marvelous and not just only for this look (have some others ideas). Suede is very nice material and I personally like the khaki color also. Have you paid attention on these sleeves button details ? I'm fan. The patent pants on me makes the look more adapted to nowadays, modern, and for every day wearing (at least because we don't want look like crazy cowgils from the past in the capital ;). We were waiting the patent trend be back. For the shoes we have many options, my choose here is the pair of studded low boots. Additional items: the fringed handbag and the back hat.

What girl doesn't want to be a cowgirl sometimes ? Hope you will like it as well.

Your TendanceHunter.

The pictures by Celia Butera.


Shirt with fringes - Zara (the same is here)

Patent pants - H&M (the same is here)

Handbag - Steve Madden

Studded boots - Bronx (the same is here)

Hat - Pimkie



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